Using APSR citation style with bibtex

My collengue, Sam Jens, found several inconsistencies between the APSR style in Natbib and the APSR submission guidelines. First, BibTeX’s APSR style has a comma between authors and year. Second, the BibTeX’s APSR style has no comma before “and” when there are three authors. The code \setcitestyle{aysep={}} fixes the former but not the latter. The official APSR template on Overleaf has more inconsistencies. In order to fix the issues, I modified the .bst file from the official APSR template on Overleaf. Feel free to download it from here.

To use it, download the .bst file and put it in the same directory as your .tex file. In your .tex file, add the following code before \begin{document}

\setcitestyle{aysep={}} %remove the comma between authors and years

and insert the following code where you want to put a reference section

\bibliography{} % your .bib file name in the curly brackets

Download the .bst file here