Hello! I am a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science at Stony Brook University.

My research focuses on policy preferences and behavior in the context of collective action problems and inequality, such as climate change, public health, and redistribution. I use a variety of methods, including incentivized/survey experiments, machine learning for text analysis, and formal/agent-based modeling.

I am also the lab manager of the Center for Behavioral Political Economy at Stony Brook University, and a trainee of Detecting and Addressing Bias in Data, Humans, and Institutions , an interdisciplinary National Science Foundation Research Traineeship project.

Research Interests

  • Behavioral political economy
  • Political psychology
  • Collective action problems and related issues, such as
    • Climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, and misinformation
  • Inequality and redistribution
  • Experimental methods
    • Economic games and incentivized experiments
    • Survey experiments
  • Computational social science
    • Machine learning and Natural language processing
    • Agent-based modeling